WILL ~ Will I or won't I??

Have you made your will? Do you know what a will is?  
We at mulhern solicitors are happy to give you any advice you need in relation to wills, including the drafting and reviewing of wills.

A will is basicaly a legal document that has to be carefully drawn up to set out how you wish your assets to be shared out after your death. A will can be changed as often as you like, provided it is changed correctly with your solicitor so as to ensure that the will is prepared according to legal rules, which are tricky if you are not familiar with them.

An incorrect or an ill prepared will can have dire consequences so legal advice is very important and this is where we can help you.  

For many people the task of making the will is on their 'to do list' but never happens as they think it is an expensive and long winded process. This does not have to be the case. If you die without making that will, your assets will be divided out according to the laws of intestacy which date back to 1965. Is this really what you want to happen?? 

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1. If i die, the State will get my assets.   ~ TRUE in certain situations but totally dependent on the person and their next of kin.

2. I am living with my boyfriend so he will inherit my assets after my death. ~ FALSE

3. If I die my child (under 18 years) will be cared for and brought up by my mother ~ FALSE unless you provide for this in your will

4. If I die my assets will pass automatically to my husband / wife.
    ~ FALSE . Unless you have a will to set out your wishes. Your wife / husband will have to follow the laws of intestacy if you do not make a will, whereby they will only be entitled to 2/3 of your estate, with 1/3 being your childrens entitlement

If you want some straightforward legal advice in relation to making or reviewing your will, just call Dearbháil at Mulhern Solicitors who will help you. 074 9735863  / info@mulhernsolicitors.ie.



Mulhern Solicitors has extensive knowledge and experience in adminstering the Estate of a deceased person and we deal with all legal matters arising after death. We will ensure that this delicate and sensitive matter will be treated with the attention it deserves and we will assist the Executor with the work involved and ensure that the deceased persons wishes are complied with in a timely fashion.  

We guarantee a professional confidential service from beginning to end.

If you have been nominated as an Executor or Administrator of an Estate or have recently lost a loved one but don't know where to go from there, then call Dearbháil today for a free consultation and quote. 074 9735863 or info@mulhernsolicitors.ie

If you are not satisfied with the level of service you are receiving, with regard to the administration of an estate, then call us and we can help you. You have a choice of moving the file to another solicitors office even if a will is made in one office, or maybe the administration of the estate has started in a different office, the Executor is the person who has to protect the deceased's estate and they can therefore authorise the transfer of the file to a different office. If you have any queries please call us 074 9735863 

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